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So you’ve already enjoyed one of Bali’s whitewater rafting adventures and would like to try something a little different but still on the river and enjoying nature? Well here you go… kayaking and tubing are two of Bali’s best kept secrets for a fun day out. Bali Adventure Tours’ river kayaking adventure also takes you down the Ayung River but the ride is quicker and a bit more challenging than rafting. The difference between kayaking and rafting is that kayak carries one (or maximum two persons) and uses a paddle with two blades while a raft can carry between 4-6 persons depending on the river and size of raft and uses a paddle with one blade.

Tubing on the other hand uses an an inflatable tube/raft has one (or maximum two persons) per tube/raft and without a paddle – you just go with the flow, that gives river tubing its own unique charm and fans. Bali has a couple river tubing adventures, one on the Pakerisan River near Tampaksiring in east Bali the other in a canyon stream near Payangan north of Ubud.

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