Bali Tour - Paintball Games, Aiming the Targets , Pertiwi, Mengwi, Bali

For those not familiar with the sport/game… paintball is an adrenalin sport where players compete, usually in teams (making it a fun company outing or organisation team building exercise) to eliminate the other team members by tagging them with ‘paint’ capsules. The capsules are like a chocolate bom-bom, somewhat hard gelatine shell that contains a water soluble dye (the ‘paint’) using a paintball ‘gun’.

On Bali Paintball is played outdoors at a couple locations, Taro (Bali Taro) and Abiansal (Bali Pertiwi). Both take advantage of the natural jungle like setting that give players tactical and natural cover so it is not as scorching hot as the beaches. There are several different game variations that can be played i.e. capture the flag, sudden death / elimination, ammunition limits, treasure hunt etc. Play time can vary depending on the game played and skill level of the players.

Paintball gives you a chance to get out, get some fresh air and exercise and have good time.

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Paintball | Bali Bali