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Bali Tour - Diving Courses and Instructions, Benoa Bali

Whether you have never been scuba diving before and are looking for an introductory course or an experienced diver looking for additional training or certification Bali is the perfect place to get started. The water is warm and there are plenty of great dive spots including one of the top ten wreck dives in the world. There are three levels of instruction available, two for beginners, one for more experienced divers.

Beginner Introductory Course – 3 Hours

    Also popularly known as Discover Scuba, this is an ideal way to see if scuba diving is for you. This is a practical way to get wet without committing to any intensive course work. This course covers the basics and gives you experience with the scuba gear under water learning to equalize pressure etc. first in a pool then in open water. There is no certification offered with this course, but if you find you like scuba diving you’ll have a jump going into an Open Water course.

Open Water Course – 3 Days

    When you are ready to get certified this is the course you will need. It is an intensive 3 day program combining course work and dive experience. This will course will give you your choose of either a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) or SSI (Scuba Schools International) certificate recognized and accepted around the world for dives up to 18 metres.

Advanced Open Water Course – 2 Days

    Once you have a few dives under your belt and you’re ready to go a quite a bit deeper and experience more this course will certify you to dive up to 30 metres deep. This course features five dives in two days. Again you can choose between PADI or SSI course / certification.

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