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Opened in 2002 Bali Zoo is Bali’s first and still only Balinese-owned zoological park. Located in the village of Singapadu on a sprawling 10 hectares of lush tropical garden, forest and jungle Bali Zoo is home to a diverse collection of more than 350 exotic animals and reptiles, most of which are indigenous to Indonesia. Included in the collection is the endangered Sumatran Elephant and other rare species i.e. Sun Bear, Binturong (Asian civet), Orangutan and Sumatran Tiger.

Bali Zoo was envisioned by Bpk. Anak Agung Gde Putra and developed on private land in his village of Singapadu not far from Sanur, Ubud and other major tourist areas. Bpk Putra created Bali Zoo out of his fondness for animals and determination to conserve and protect various Indonesian mammals, reptiles, and birds together with a desire share Indonesia’s unique fauna with locals and tourists alike in a distinctly Balinese setting. Animals reside in quality built eco-habitats and are well cared by the park’s friendly staff of 170 who work as part of the zoo’s (Bpk. Putra’s) extended family.

Bali Zoo offers a number of unique and one-of-a kind experiences. Bali Zoo offers various hands-on ‘animal encounters’ where visitors are allowed to feed, pet and take photos with number of the zoo’s inhabitants as well as assorted fun family activities such as the popular Elephant Back Safari, Zoo Explorer and A Night at The Zoo. Bali Zoo has become a place not only to observe, learn and appreciate Indonesia’s uniquely exotic fauna, but also engage them through supervised and safe activities scheduled throughout the day and night.

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Bali Zoo also has two distinctive restaurants, Elephant View Restaurant, set in the middle of the park overlooking the elephant trail and gardens and Okavango Restaurant (named after Botswana’s famous delta river valley) is ideally positioned for a view of the loin’s den. Both restaurants are open 9.00am-6.00pm.

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