Ayung River Rafting

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Bali’s Ayung River twists and turns through the valley below the village of Ubud taking you through an unforgettable journey passing lush jungle scenery, wild countryside, waterfalls and deep river gorges. No doubt that with over 20 class II and class III rapids white water rafting on the Ayung River will definitely get your adrenalin pumping for the nearly 10 kilometer journey.

Passing jungle terrain with occasional sightings of the majestic Blue Javan Kingfisher you will come upon a hidden waterfall only accessible by rafting. After a refreshing waterfall shower you continue until the jungle opens up to Bali’s fabled verdant rice fields as the river meanders past some of the most scenic parts of Bali. In addition to the excitement of the white water rapids, tour guides that accompany each raft are knowledgeable of the flora and fauna and local customs that is both interesting and educational. Time on the river is about two hours.

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Note. Rafting is limited to children above six years of age and adults under 65 years of age. As well, be advised that in order to get to the river valley you will need to descend a stairway. All the same at the end of the journey you will need to ascend a stairway to get back to the main road. As such river rafting is not advised for those that have difficulty walking and/or climbing stairs.

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