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Bali’s first and still only Balinese-owned zoological park Bali Zoo opened in 2002. Located in eastern Bali Gianyar Regency in the village of Singapadu Bali Zoo is set on a sprawling 10 hectares of lush tropical garden, forest and jungle. Most of Bali Zoo’s eclectic collection of more than 350 species of animals, birds and reptiles are indigenous to Indonesia. Included in the collection is the endangered Sumatran Elephant and other rare species such as the Sun Bear, Binturong (Asian civet), Orangutan and Sumatran Tiger.

Bali Zoo has put together a wide variety of programs that will entertain and interest the entire family.

Zoo Explorer

Come to Bali Zoo for a day and the opportunity to see and learn about some of Indonesia’s more unusual animals with the Zoo Explorer Tour. The Zoo Explorer package is a simple all in one package to tour and enjoy a fun and memorable day. With many of the animals being rare or protected species, this is an interesting and educational day for the entire family in the company of hundreds of animals from Indonesia.

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Zoo Adventurer

Eco-adventurers looking for an active day out will will find Bali Zoo’s Zoo Adventurer offering a fun and challenging day with its Treewalk experience. Featuring a number of elevated activities such as tree top circuit of 15 stages of wooden bridges, spider nets, Tarzan jumps, flying-fox lines and flying swings this a great day with the family or colleagues for team building exercises.

All activities use building materials and equipment such as jarnesses and rigging that comply with international standards together with trained guides that will explain, supervise and assist you throughout the day.

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Night At The Zoo

See, hear and experience the animal kingdom by night. As the heat of day subsides and darkness falls on Bali get ready for a completely different side of Bali where you are invited to observe and interact with some of Bali Zoo’s selected exotic animals in their nocturnal habitats.

Begin the evening hand feeding the zoo’s elephants before heading over to a animal encounter and photo session with the zoo’s tame Borneo bear cat, scaly python and even a Sumatran Sinyulong (freshwater crocodile). Your evening continues with guided tour of the zoo. The evening is completed with a fire dance and sit down al fresco dinner under the stars next to an open-air lion enclosure.

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Exclusive Elephant Safari

Also a great opportunity to see, feel and feel one of nature’s largest mammals Bali Zoo’s Exclusive Elephant Safari is shorter adventure trek than the Expedition. The main differences are the length of riding time and route. This Elephant Safari does not leave the zoo grounds to visit the Wos River or traditional village. Nonetheless you’ll be treated to a tour around Bali Zoo’s tropical garden panorama where you’ll hear the screech of gibbons mingled with birds chirping away in the aviary.

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Exclusive Elephant Expedition

Bali Zoo’s Exclusive Elephant Expedition is a fantastic chance to get up close and personal with the zoo’s resident herd of Sumatran elephants. Hop aboard one of Bali Zoo’s charming giants for comfortable and a entertaining journey perched atop the elephant’s as it travels back along a scenic path that meanders its way through zoo gardens.

Driven by a friendly and professional ‘mahout’ the ride leaves the zoo grounds and continues through the nearby jungle crossing the Wos River on the way to visit a natural waterfall and grassy valley on the way to one of the area’s oldest temples. After returning to the zoo you are welcome to hand feed the elephants before taking your own lunch.

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Mahout For A Day
Have you ever wondered what it takes to feed, care for and ultimately command the largest land animal on earth? If so, Bali Zoo offers a remarkable and one of a kind experience with its signature ‘Mahout For a Day’ program. A very popular educational activity in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, Thailand; Bali Zoo’s Mahout For A Day is the first and currently only program of its kind in Indonesia. You’ll learn the basics of caring, feeding, bathing, embarking, disembarking and commanding the elephant. The day starts early and breakfast, lunch and a afternoon snack are included.

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