Bali Island Horse

Bali Horse Riding Tours - Yeh Gangga Beach

Together with Bali Island ATV Tours, Bali Island Horse offers two great day tours giving you the chance to get off the tourist track to explore and discover some delightful areas hidden in and around the village of Yeh Gangga and on Yeh Gangga’s black sand beach.

Bali Island Horse and its stables are located in the tranquil and scenic village of Yeh Gangga where not much has changed over the years. Just steps from Yeh Gangga Beach and only a few minutes drive north of Pura Tanah Lot, the stables at Bali Island Horse are surrounded by Tabanan’s lush green rice paddy.

Bali Island Horseback Riding

Australian owned and operated Bali Island Horse has been providing horseback rides and tours of Bali since 1994. Bali island Horse practices Natural Horsemanship with its horses, a wonderful way of creating a bond with the horses and developing trust ensuring that the horses are looked after mentally, emotionally and physically. As well all horses are fed naturally. Bali Island Horse does not feed any processed feeds and has been working together with one of Australia’s leading equine nutrionists to ensure its horses have a complete balanced diet.

It is in this idyllic setting with its invigorating sea breezes, crystal clear ocean waters framing a spectacular coastline together with rustic village life that provide an uniques and enchanting backdrop for exploring Bali on horseback and experiencing Bali’s natural beauty and hospitality. Bali Island Horse provides international standard riding gear for adults and children and will match the horse to the riders ability.

Click here for more information, special rates and booking form – Bali Island Horse 1 Hour Ride.

Click here for more information, special rates and booking form – Bali Island Horse 2 Hour Ride.

smart deal icon edit SMART DEAL AVAILABLE: Get Extra Special savings when you combine Bali Island Horse’s 2 hour ride with Bali Island ATV’s 2 hour adventure on the same day. As a bonus, also included is a tour of two of Bali’s most picturesque temples, Pura Alas Kedaton and Pura Tanah Lot (at sunset) Click for details.

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