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Bali Budaya Tours (Bali Cultural and Ecological Tours) is popularly known as Bali Eco Tours. Bali Eco Tours first became known for its authentic and original eco/educational cycling tours in 1999. Since then the company has expanded to include trekking and a wide range of tours/activities all with the same over riding concept for eco friendly, environmental friendly, cultural friendly and indigenous friendly tourism. In doing so Bali Eco gives visitors to Bali not only good value for money but real value for money to see, the “Real Bali”, without the hassle and without money determining what to do and where to visit. offers the following Bali Eco Tours to make your stay in Bali a memorable one, not just an adventure, but a learning experience.

Eco Cycling Tour

The original and authentic eco/educational cycling tour, Bali Eco’s cycling tour is designed to take the visitor away from the major tourist enclaves and treat them to an exciting cultural, educational and culinary journey through the heart of Bali. Here is a chance to learn about traditional Balinese life and culture.

The route itself is mostly downhill on secret back roads and village paths specifically chosen for the lack of traffic making it safe and enjoyable for all ages (Bali Eco even has Australian Standard Approved Baby Seats) and fitness levels all the while giving plenty of opportunity to take in and experience rural Balinese life relaxed and unhurried.

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Mt. Batur Sunrise Trek

See Bali like few ever do – with a sunrise trek to the summit of Mt. Batur and experience the raw beauty of an active volcano. The ascent to 1717 metres begins in the cool of the early morning darkness (torches, hiking sticks and wet weather gear supplied, as needed). Visitors staying hotels in southern Bali will be picked up between 2.00 and 2.30am (you can sleep on the way to the base camp). The one to two hour ascent is not very difficult and arrives in time to witness a glorious sunrise and experience the stunning morning views of the surrounding crater and lake. Along the way you’ll make breakfast and marvel at a view of Bali few experience.

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Jungle Trek

Take a journey through Bali’s virgin rainforest that is part of a National Park and lining a stunning crater lake nestled in the mountains of Bali. Driving deep into forest the trek begins by descending steps to an ancient temple that keeps guard over access to the park. It’s another world. Serenaded by birds as you walk under a canopy of enormous ancient trees you’ll see a Bali indigenous flora and fauna up close. Bali Eco’s guides know the area backwards and will point out a magical world of orchids, ferns, palms, fungi, vines, creepers and strangling figs and other vegetation together with stunningly beautiful butterflies dancing through undergrowth with the occasional miniature deer seen on the path. Be sure to bring your camera.

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Rice Paddy Trek

For those who like to explore and learn about the culture, ecology, history and habits of the locale you are visiting, Bali Eco’s Rice Paddy Trek is an ideal way to spend the day. The tour (walk really) is quite easy and suitable to the entire family and takes about 3-4 hours including numerous stops and explanations. Beginning with a descent to Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) temple complex you’ll see a number of ancient temples and reliefs dating all the way back to the Majapahit Empire era of the late 13th century to early 16th century.

This is not shopping tour, rather the chance to explore ancient ruins and discover traditional villages, local plantations and see the breathtaking beauty of verdant rice paddies – the natural Bali. Along the journey Bali Eco’s friendly and English speaking guides are experienced and knowledgeable in local customs, language and mythology.

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